Peoria, Arizona
WELCOME to West Coast Whitening. It is our pleasure to be such a special part of a more confident “YOU!” We believe that your smile will always be your best accessory! With that being said, “You should never go anywhere without it!” The good news is – whichever way you’ve found us, we take pride in saying you are exactly where you need to be if a dazzling white smile is what you are seeking. Here at West Coast Whitening, we solely specialize in the teeth whitening industry, which affords us the time to put in the research necessary to stay on top of the newest and most innovated dental grade products available on the current market. It is of the utmost importance to us that you receive the very best results in the safest way possible while enjoying the benefits of a clean and relaxing environment. As the previous owner of a colon hydro-therapy spa, I realize the importance atmosphere and trust plays in someone’s overall experience. This is why I have gone to great lengths to make your visit to West Coast Whitening comforting, sterile and enjoyable one. We’ve not only done our homework – we’ve perfected it! Our business model is simple: We keep our overhead low, work with a top developer/distributor, and purchase in bulks at an affordable price, which enables us to pass the SAVINGS on to YOU! Personally, I don’t see any need for spending upwards of $500.00 at your dental office when you can achieve the exact same outcome and even leave our office with everything you need to maintain and increase your results at a fraction of the price that a single in office treatment would cost you there!
Who am I? I am a mommy of four biological children: one being my handsome seven year old son with autism, who I am proud to report, is happy and thriving, my oldest daughter who is a sophomore at NAU, my nine year old daughter who lives for puppies and Taylor Swift, and my baby boy who just recently turned three. I also have two beautiful daughters I adopted: one being my niece that I took home from the hospital at three days old (aka my mini-me), the other being my oldest daughter’s best friend since kindergarten who is currently a sophomore at ASU. I laugh at the movie “We bought a zoo” because they may have bought one, but I actually live in one. Therefore, I can humbly say I understand the tough times many families have endured over the last several years. There are so many people who have lost their homes, couples who are merely trying to keep it together while searching for employment, men who feel unworthy of their families or as if they have let them down, and mothers who lay in bed worried about their children’s future, feeling hopeless and wondering how they can ever make up all that’s been lost to them. I believe in realness, and that is precisely why I choose to be an open book, even in regards to my personal life. Being an open book has given me the opportunity to empower people and let them know that all things in this world are possible as long as you always  believe and never lose hope. Personally, I don’t know a single family who wasn’t affected when Arizona’s booming economy took a drastic downward spiral.
Why am I here? I know we all want to look and feel the best we can. I want to help you look beautiful and feel happy and confident. I want to help you find affordable, quality products that will get you the results you want without breaking your bank. Furthermore, I want to make a living - while LOVING what I do.
Please take the time to review our webpage, the products, and services we have available, and feel free to share ideas, thoughts, and comments with me so I can help improve the quality of services I am providing. As my dad would say, "There's always room for improvement." Also, feel free to click on our specials tab to take advantage of any current specials we are offering. I look forward to personally meeting each and every one of you.
-Claudia, founder and owner of West Coast Whitening 

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